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How you represent your clients is important.
And so is how you represent yourself.

Kansas City Attorney Doug Horn has been an advocate for safe driving for many years. It has been important to him to raise the awareness of the dangers of distracted driving while also protecting those that have been injured by a distracted driver.The Horn Law Firm chose a ReadySpots campaign to help in these efforts.


3 Simple Reasons:

Speed & Ease
Professional Image

30-second Distracted Driver TV spot created for Horn Law


The message is clear and simple - people need to know who to talk to when faced with legal issues. And talk is the key word - it’s not too pushy. Yes, it’s firm in its delivery, but not threatening in any way. And it’s not claiming high payouts like you might see in other attorney ads.

Speed & Ease

The Horn Law Firm was able to get a completed spot in a matter of days. In less than a week he was meeting with the local Fox station to get it on the air.
  • Script Approval Process:
    2 Days
  • Production Process:
    2 Days
15-second Distracted Driver TV spot created for Horn Law

Professional Image

The layered effect of the video and graphics not only grabs the viewers’ attention, but also portrays a level of professionalism the Horn Law Firm was looking for. The spot is well-made and certainly doesn’t look like it was produced in only a few days.

The Process

Mr. Horn chose a pre-made campaign from the growing ReadySpots library of legal spots. The “People Talk to Us” series can be used right off the shelf with a little modification to the script and adding a logo and contact information. But we added a little more customization by matching the color scheme of the firm’s website, adding existing footage of the attorney and his staff and changing the onscreen text and voice-over to People talk to Horn for a powerful branding tagline that can transfer to all areas of practice.


To keep the consistency of the new branding, we also created web banners, a six-second pre-roll spot and a fifteen-second one by one, square video for social media.
300x250 Web Banner
728x90 Web Banner

6-Second Video Pre-Roll Spot
(YouTube, TV Station website, etc.)
15-Second Social Media Spot
(Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

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