TV Campaign for
Auto Sales

ReadySpots is excited to offer these new television spots and campaigns for the auto industry. The spots utilize heart-pound music to drive home the message. The campaign utilizes fun animation to display information on-screen. It is designed to easily be customized with voice-over and graphics for your company.

Your business is guaranteed market exclusivity for the duration of your license.

Ready For Some Football?

Here are a couple of rocking tunes to get car buyers excited about football season. Each one can be customized in the lyrics for Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Dodge, etc. This is perfect for the dealer that will be advertising during the season. More emphasis can be placed on high school football or college, depending on what they are buying. Two versions have an offer. The first version talks up the pride.

Call Jeff for special pricing on these spots!

Proud Supporter

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Football. Ford.

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Football & My Chevrolet

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Let's Explain It

Using a technique from "explainer" videos, we offer up our information in a fun way with handwriting and positioning key phrases and pictures. By presenting with a kid's voice-over, it grabs the attention of our target audience, keeping with the light-hearted nature of the spot.

Website Promotion

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No-Hassle Pricing

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