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ReadySpots is excited to offer this new series of television spots for the home improvement industry. They're fresh, unique and will get your audience talking. These commercials are designed to be customized with voice-over and graphics for your business.

We are introducing the category with two spots and a a third on the way. Your business is guaranteed market exclusivity for the duration of your license.

Not-So-Lovable Leak

We utilize a fun little character to symbolize a leak - explaining the process and benefits of your business. It will really grab your audience's attention, as this is a unique approach to the ad category. In the second spot, our leak character continues to explain how your company can help potential customers. A little more humor is added to drive home the message.

Package! - Includes TV & Digital Assets

This is a Leak

LENGTH | :30

We Can Spot a Leak

LENGTH | :30

Bad Weather

LENGTH | :30

Bad Weather

LENGTH | :15


For a limited time, get a bonus holiday video card at no additional cost.

Holiday Card

LENGTH | :15

Ready-made Banners

size: 300px x250px
size: 728px x 90px

That's Our Job

We go for a little emotion here and point out the importance of having a good roof and a good company to put it there. It's an image spot that will certainly do the job in giving your company a good image. It's simple and to the point - people get it.

Image Spot

LENGTH | :30
This is a

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