TV Campaign for
Collision Centers

ReadySpots is excited to offer this unique series of television spots for the auto body repair industry. They're fresh, extremely different and will get your audience talking. These commercials are designed to be customized with voice-over and graphics for your collision center.

There are 57 different spots in the series and sold as a minimum of 3, with a bonus holiday spot. Buy some or get an even better deal if you buy the entire series! Your business is guaranteed market exclusivity for the duration of your license.

The Concept

The deer on the wall concept centers on the fact that the deer cannot go anywhere. Just like if you wrecked your car or truck and had to wait to get it back because you did not take it to the right collision repair place. Utilizing a mounted deer head, the audience can instantly identify with it. By making the deer talk, it allows humor to grab the viewer's attention. The fact that the deer is virtually expressionless (and the environment never changes) adds to the visual humor. Each spot has a distinct consistency - opening with the deer talking about random things. In most cases, what he says has nothing to do with collision repair. A graphic page that includes your company logo (with eye-catching motion graphics) and a voice- over announcer concludes it each time.

For fast, reliable collision repair, trust the experts at [Name of collision center...] And get back out there!

The tagline, “Get Back Out There” assures the consumer that your collision center will repair their vehicle, right the first time, so they can get on with life and not be “left hanging” – so to speak.

Case Study

These spots were originally created for Collision Center of Andover (as you'll see in the previews). They wanted something different to grab the audience's attention and set themselves apart from their competitors. They were thinking something along the lines of an animated deer. But the creative brains at ReadySpots had something else in mind. Hey, they wanted something different, right?

Here's what they had to say -
You wouldn't believe the response I'm getting from these ads. It's incredible. I have increased my TV advertising budget to triple what I have been doing and it's really paying off.
Ben Lawrence, Collision Center of Andover

Take a look at the spots:

This Could Be a True Story
Introduction Spot

This 30-second spot sets up the series. It introduces us to the concept and explains how Buck ends up where he ends up. It also gives the audience and good connection between Buck and the collision center.

It's Different Here
Spot #2
This 30-second spot runs second in the series and is the beginning of Buck speaking to us. We open with our expressionless mounted deer head. He is realizing that he is in a much different place now.
What Bears Do in the Woods
Spot #3

This 30-second spot runs third in the series. Buck is giving us a little more insight. What else does he have to do? Right? He puts to rest that age-old question we ask about bears in the woods.

Spot #4

This 30-second spot runs around the first of the year. Buck talks about easy and obvious resolutions for the new year that are conducive to his current situation.

It's a Little Nippy
Spot #5
This 30-second spot runs during the cold winter months when experiencing some bad weather outside. Suddenly Buck doesn't seem to mind his environment so much!
We Have a Basketball Team?
Spot #6

This 30-second spot runs during basketball season. After being in front of a television for so long, Buck is discovering new things.

Hail Yeah!
Spot #7

This 30-second spot runs during the bad weather months when experiencing storms, hail, high winds,etc. Buck finds a little satisfaction in humans' misery.

Spot #8
During the summer months there are lots of things going on - or are there? In this 30-second commercial Buck is left all alone while everyone goes on vacation.
Ballwashers on the Course
Spot #9

If you plan on doing any runs during golf (or even if you don't) this 30-second spot will get people talking. Buck is just a little confused about the game...

I Get a Lot of Doe
Spot #10

Football season is here and naturally, Buck has an opinion about football players. He's obviously missing his old life quite a bit.

I Just Love TV
Spot #11

Since Buck is placed right across from the TV in the family room, he gets to watch quite a bit of it. There's just one big problem, however (okay, maybe two).

It's Idiot Season
Spot #12

You know when deer season comes along, Buck has something to say about it. And this time, in this 30-second spot, we have to agree with him.

That's Just Randy
Spot #13

Little did we know, there's another critter in the room - this one, not so mild-mannered.

Hunting Tips
Spot #14

Buck offers up some tips for hunting season. But these tips aren't for the hunters...

Deer Crossing
Spot #15

If you think you're going to get deer to cross in this spot, you're crazy!

Deer Safety
Spot #16

Buck is enjoying this old safety film about looking out for deer in the roads.

New Meat
Spot #17

A new character is introduced and Buck is dying to talk to someone.  But this is not what he had in mind. To be used in March for basketball.

Run Me Over
Spot #18

Buck is starting to get really annoyed with his new roommate.  It's a little edgy, but certainly gets people's attention.

Spot #19

Buck is a little confused about social media. Our only question is, how did get to a computer?

Back to School
Spot #20

Buck is mezmerized by what he thinks is the greatest commercial ever. Yeah, he doesn't get out much.

Wash Your Balls
Spot #21

Another great reference to golf as only Buck knows how to do it. Great lesson here, folks.

National Debate
Spot #22

Buck weighs in on the NFL players' national anthem kneeling debate. Everybody's entitled to their own opinion. Right? Well, not everybody...

Football Looks Fun
Spot #23

Buck dreams of playing football and all the fame it would have brought him.

Positive Spin
Spot #24

Buck demonstrates that life is all about how you look at things.

Online Reffing
Spot #25

Watching basketball all the time makes Buck really want to get involved.

School Mascot
Spot #26

Buck has a solution for his boredom with the suggestion of becoming a school mascot.

Pay The Bills
Spot #27

Buck finally takes a break for a short promotion for the collision center. This is perfect for sales, specials or services.

No Place Like Home
Spot #28

Buck gets a little nervous because of the bad weather he's seeing on TV. He tries a little trick he knows won't work...

Pumpkin Spice
Spot #29

As we move into fall, Buck has a few thoughts about the pumpkin spice craze this time of year.

Spot #30

When the lights go out, Buck shows he's not such a tough deer, after all.

Football on Monday
Spot #31

We sure can't get enough football. And for Buck, it's therapeutic.

Valentine's Day
Spot #32

Buck thinks he has a special night planned, but he forgot one important detail.

Vote For Buck
Spot #33

With all the political ads on TV, Buck thought it would be a good idea to through his hat in the ring.

Those Folks
Spot #34

It's pretty bad when you can't remember the name of the business you are a spokesdeer for.

Deer Rut
Spot #35

Buck tries to be as discreet as possible when talking about this time of year.

Still Got It
Spot #36

Well at least Buck still has a sense of humor. Don't believe him? Just ask him!

Some More Advice
Spot #37

You have to admit; he does seem to have plenty of wisdom.

Family Tree
Spot #38

Buck discovers he has some pretty interesting ancestors.

Team Name Change
Spot #39

Buck has a better idea for a team mascot of a pro football team.

'Cuz I Got No Tail
Spot #40

It's another year, and another chance for our favorite basketball team to go all the way.

What I'm Talkin' About
Spot #41

Okay, we're pretty sure he's talking about basketball.

New QR Code
Spot #42

Buck introduces a new "dew-hicky" to drive traffic to the website.

Spot #43

The new QR code is quite a success. And guess who's taking credit for it?

It's So Hot
Spot #44

Heard of dad jokes? How about deer jokes?

Don't Get Me Started
Spot #45

Buck wants to make a public service announcement, but gets offtrack (as usual).

Smell It
Spot #46

Buck can push the boundaries, no matter what subject he's talking about.

Uncle Larry
Spot #47

We get a glimpse into the good ole days when Buck wasn't on the wall.

Right Through Me
Spot #48

Buck likes holiday eating, but as you can imagine, it doesn't sit well with him.

Pretty Ironic
Spot #49

Buck reveals that he had an obsession with cars when he was younger.

Basketball Shoes
Spot #50

The first spot in a set of bookends for basketball season.

Annoying Squeaks
Spot #51

The second spot in a set of bookends for basketball season.

Special Series

With a long, successful run, we thought the audience might have forgotten just how Buck found his place on the wall, originally. So we created a special "investigative series" that takes on the look of a true crime TV show in order to present various theories.
Theory #1
Spot #52
Theory #2
Spot #53
Theory #3
Spot #54
Theory #4
Spot #55
Theory #5
Spot #56
Theory #6
Spot #57

Happy Holidays!

Bonus Spot

This 30-second commercial naturally runs around the Christmas holidays. It is a great way to wish holiday greetings and remind everyone to be safe.
LENGTH | :30