Need a little flexibility in selling to your clients? FlexSpots allow you to present a concept to several different business categories. It opens up more opportunities for you and your clients.

Some spots show examples. Other list possibilities. You may have some ideas of your own. That's awesome - we'd love to hear them!

That's Our Job

We go for a little emotion here and point out the importance of having a good roof and a good company to put it there. It's an image spot that will certainly do the job in giving your company a good image. It's simple and to the point - people get it. Categories include roofing, home security, financial planning and more. Here, you can see how the same spot is used in 3 different categories.


LENGTH | :30

Home Security

LENGTH | :30

Financial Planning

LENGTH | :30

We'll Save Your Day

We introduce a super hero to represent your business and the type of service you offer. Our initial spot lets the viewer get to know who he is, while follow-up spots highlight special offers and services. Here, you can see how the same spot is used in 3 different categories.


LENGTH | :30


LENGTH | :30

Pest Control

LENGTH | :30

Something to Dance About!

This fun little spot can be used for just about any retail business that wants to promote a sale. We customize the dancers with photographs provided by you. This could be used in lots of different categories, including automotive sales.


LENGTH | :30

This Guy

A fast-paced image spot that highlights the owner of the company in a fun way. Still photos or even live footage shot on greenscreen can be incorporated for personalization.


LENGTH | :30

Outdoor Equipment

LENGTH | :30


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