TV Spots for
Real Estate

ReadySpots is excited to offer this new television spot and campaign for the real estate industry. It is comprised of a single 30-second spot and in the campaign, two 15-second spots in English and Spanish. They are designed to easily be customized with voice-over and graphics for your company.

Your business is guaranteed market exclusivity for the duration of your license.

The This Campaign

In real estate, you have to promote yourself. This spot integrates your photos throughout in an amusing way. It can be customized in a variety of ways -

  • Voice-over - you can use a kid's voice for the "cute effect" or an adult voice to keep it light, but professional
  • How you are presented - "This gal/guy", "This nice lady", etc.

This Nice Lady

LENGTH | :30

Another This Campaign

We take a fun and casual approach to a serious subject - selling your home fast.  Whether its an inherited home, a house in poor condition, or you just need to get rid of it fast, these quick spots get the point across.  Available in English and Spanish.

House into Cash

LENGTH | :15

Sell Instead of Repair

LENGTH | :15


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