how to close

an Attorney

Getting an appointment with an attorney can be difficult. They value their time like no one else. So make sure they know that the meeting will be worth it by actually showing them what their creative will look like!
Our latest releases will get the conversation started

Do your homework prior to calling them. Be sure you know who they are and how you can help them.

Be straight and to the point. The customer has more information & resources at their fingertips like never before. Make it easy and fun for them to learn more about the solutions you are providing.

The sales process is a conversation about understanding the challenges their business faces and by offering them creative solutions. Once you identify their challenges, you need to be solutions-focused.

The ReadySpots Meeting

  • Contact them, asking for just a few moments of their time to show them something they will absolutely love and help grow their practice.
  • Show them our pre-made attorney spot, explaining that it can be easily customized for their firm with no shooting involved.
  • Purchase the spot BARE and have your production team customize, or give us the information and we'll have it ready in just a couple of days.

2 great new personal injury spots

A great professional-looking spot that introduces a catchy tagline - People Talk to... You can say a first name, last name or as simple as "us".
For attorneys that want to promote services for the motorcycle-riding community, this dynamic spot really grabs the audience.

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  • Quick Turnaround
  • No Shooting Required
  • Full TV & digitial rights
  • Very Affordable

What to know

The spots are licensed by DMA, so you should check with us to make sure it is available in your market.

You can present to a client by utilizing the full-screen function on our website or we can email a low-resolution copy to present on a tablet or laptop - you DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE FIRST.

Start by Contacting Us:

ReadySpots makes it easy for sales teams to pitch creative to clients with no station contracts and no upfront costs.