TV Spots for
Veterans Day

ReadySpots is excited to offer these new television spots for Veterans Day. They are fifteen seconds spots that have one simple job - honor those that served and promote brand awareness.

Your business is guaranteed market exclusivity for the duration of your license.

Special Event Video Cards

Each spot is fifteen seconds long with a place for a company logo at the end. These are perfect for any business that wants to promote brand awareness by honoring military veterans.

All spots are delivered BARE, so your production team can customize - add logo, voice-over - whatever you like.

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Length | :15

The National Anthem as a soundtrack and a picture of veterans with a waving flag overlay. Company logo at the end.

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Hug a Vet
Length | :15
This symbolizes the sacrifice service members make for their families. Company logo added at the end.
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Thank You
Length | :15

A simple shot of our American flag and a thank you to all who served. Business logo added at the end.

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What does


You can now get great creative at an affordable price!

Yes, BARE does sound like a product line for beauty products. We get that. But it actually stands for Broadcasters Add Removed Elements. Clever, huh? We’ve created great looking, creative spots and stripped them down so that your production team can customize them how you like.

This gives your sales team the opportunity to sell more while allowing your production department the chance to focus on other needs and dramatically reduce production time. We provide an inventive script as a starting point. Change a little or change a lot. You’ve got everything you need to turn a spot quickly.


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