TV Spots for
the Holidays

ReadySpots is excited to offer these new television spots for the holidays. They are fifteen seconds spots that have one simple job - spread holiday cheer and promote brand awareness.

Your business is guaranteed market exclusivity for the duration of your license.

Holiday Video Cards

Each spot is fifteen seconds long with fully customized holiday greeting and integrated company logo into the high-end graphics. These are perfect for any business that wants to promote themselves in a subtle way, thank their customers or simply wish everyone a happy and safe holiday.

Cut-out Holiday (#1)
Length | :15

Paper cutout style with stop-motion animation, along with fun music. There are two places to add company logo. Seasons greetings can be customized to client's specifications.

A Very Merry Leak (#2)
Length | :15

A holiday greeting for our popular not-so-lovable leak series in the roofing category.

Santa's Fall (#3)
Length | :15

High-end 3D animation with a comical aspect. Company logo and greeting added at the end. This example utilizes a personal injury law firm, but great for any business.

Pop-Up Fun (#4)
Length | :15

Impressive animation with a pop-up book look. Seasons greetings at the beginning with company logo at the end.

Classic Foil (#5)
Length | :15
Simple animation utilizing a cut out look with foil overlay. Company logo and greeting added at the end.
Reason for the Season (#6)
Length | :15
For those businesses that want to remind people of what the holiday season is truly about. Uses live-action footage with animation at the end.
Snow Penguins (#7)
Length | :15

Pixar-style animation makes for a light-hearted holiday greeting. Business logo added at the end.

Snow Penguins II (#8)
Length | :15

A nice "sequel" to the first one, great to run as bookends! Business logo added at the end.

Night Before Christmas (#9)
Length | :15

A nostalgic radio broadcast in the audio sets the tone for this beautifully decorated family room. Business logo added at the end.

Holiday Village (#10)
Length | :15

3-D animation through a wintery village and into a warm Christmas setting. Holiday wishes and company logo at the end.

Antler Lights (#11)
Length | :15
Especially suited for collision centers, but appropriate for any businsses, this reminds people to be safe on the roads.
Snow Scene (#12)
Length | :15
A delightful snow scene utilizing 3D animation with holiday greetings and company logo at the end.
Holiday Snowman (#13)
Length | :15

Stylistic animation with fun sound effects. Simple and to the point. Company logo at the end.

Pop-Up Book (#14)
Length | :15

Another great pop-up style with lots of motion. Company logo at the beginning and the end.

Christmas Train (#15)
Length | :15

A fun holiday them with classic animation. Business logo added at the end.

North Pole (#16)
Length | :15

Low-poly 3-D animation is utilized for a unique look. Business logo and message added at the end.

Traditional Christmas (#17)
Length | :15

Stylistically shot footage of a traditional Christmas scene, this puts everyone in the holiday spirit. Company logo and greeting at the end.

Holiday Billboard (#18)
Length | :15

With the use of 3D animation, we create a wintery scene with an obvious purpose. Company logo and greeting at the end.


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