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You can now get great creative at an affordable price!

Yes, BARE does sound like a product line for beauty products. We get that. But it actually stands for Broadcasters Add Removed Elements. Clever, huh? We’ve created great looking, creative spots and stripped them down so that your production team can customize them how you like.

This gives your sales team the opportunity to sell more while allowing your production department the chance to focus on other needs and dramatically reduce production time. We provide an inventive script as a starting point. Change a little or change a lot. You’ve got everything you need to turn a spot quickly.


Think how easily your production team can customize a spot. Within an hour, you can have a spot ready to pitch - then ready for air!


Sometimes you just need a fresh idea. We provide a creative script to work from, allowing you to tailor to the client’s specific needs.


With the bulk of the spot already in the can, your production team can save valuable time and have a finished spot in a much shorter span.

More Savings

No shooting means production costs are drastically reduced.

Less Hassle

Trying to schedule shoots, coordinate talent and/or locations can be time-consuming. The less you have to do it, the better.


With our “Just Add Water” approach, all your production teams needs to do is some simple editing. What could be easier?
Flat-fee pricing makes it even simpler. All spots are the same price for 30 and 15-second versions. You get "almost" instant access to the spot(s) so your production team can start customizing for a fast-approaching pitch meeting or just to get the client on the air quickly.