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September 2018
Each month, we are excited to bring more and more new, creative spots to help you sell. Here's a recap of September.
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Collision Repair
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Animation Domination

Multiple Categories

Animation is a useful tool in television advertising for lots of reasons. It can come in handy particularly for local businesses that do not want (or cannot have)their business portrayed onscreen with locally-shot footage. And because of the technical aspects associated with animation, it gives the business a larger presence, if done right.

But perhaps the most important feature of animation for a local advertiser is that it's different. So many spots on television look and sound alike so it's challenging to be able to stand out. ReadySpots has several different animated spots and campaigns. See if some (or all) might work for your clients.

Spots Utilizing Animation

Here's What's New

August 2018
Yep, we've been busy in August. And we know you're busy, too. So here's an at-a-glance look at what we've published last month.
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Collision Repair

Daring To Be Different

Collision Repair

As you are probably aware, advertising doesn't always have to be so in-your-face. Shouting offers and continuous sales is not the answer in a lot of cases. Cue the deer on the wall. This is a campaign that goes against the grain. Why? Because it doesn't push product, price, service or any other traditional ad ploy. It simply invites the viewer to pay attention, then provides a consistent branding message at the end of each spot.

A lot of advertisers may be hesitant to go this route. Afterall, that deer is not really hawking the values or benefits of the collision center - Buck is just throwing out random observations in most cases. But that is exactly why you should pitch this series to your client. It's different. And different sells. Plus, there are enough spots to run a campaign for up to 2 years!

Buck (The Talking Deer Head) Campaign

Hey, who’s the cute little blue fella on the roof?


The commercial opens with a tight shot of a nail being pounded into a shingle. A wide shot reveals several workers slaving away in the hot sun on the roof of modest-looking home. Yep, we’ve all seen it too many times. Every roofing commercial is the same. If you have a roofer in your market that needs to get away from the same drab spots, then take your tablet or laptop out and show them our “Not-so-lovable Leak” campaign.

We’ve (somewhat) personified the problem that plagues all roofs - leaks. By talking about this problem in a unique way, a roofing company can really stand out in the marketplace a get their brand out there. And since there are several spots in the series, you can keep them on the air for a longer period of time. Fifteen-second spots give you the flexibility to put them on the air quickly when bad weather arises.

Not So Lovable Leak Campaign


A station in Champaign, IL was trying for over a year to get a local roofer on the air. After one meeting, he liked the leak campaign and agreed to a four-month spend.

A Break From the Price Push

Automotive Sales

Car dealerships just can’t get away from pushing price, money down and monthly payments. But when they want to take a break from all that and promote some other services, we’ve created a great campaign that goes in a slightly different (and much-welcomed) direction.

Using cartoon-like 2D animation and a kid voice-over, we are able to communicate some of the other services a dealership offers its customers besides price. Oh, and when it’s time to go back to that, we have that covered too. The automotive group we created this for originally will be pushing deals later this month - we think you’ll like the way their integrated...

Let's Explain It Campaign


As you can see, the auto campaign was created for an automotive group in Virginia. The AE asked us to do a spot on spec. After showing the initial spot, they asked for three more, leading to over 100k in business for the station.

Here's What's New

July 2018
Summer is heating up and so is production at ReadySpots. Here's a quick look at what we pushed out in July.
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