Custom Spots

Yes, of course we can fully customize any of our ReadySpots to your exact needs, but we don't always have a spot that you are looking for, ready to go. So our creative team is more than happy to create a custom spot or campaign for you. Here are some examples of custom spots we have created for clients.


Car Dealership

Float Spa

Float Spa

Kid's Dental

Credit Union

On-Camera Spokesperson

Credit Union

Online Learning

Online Learning

Financial Advisors


Custom Music


Online Pharmacy


Pools & Spas

Roofing (Full-Sing)

Private School

ReadySpots makes it easy for sales teams to pitch creative to clients with no station contracts and minimal costs.


  • Quick Turnaround
  • No Shooting Required
  • Full TV & digitial rights
  • Very Affordable

What to know

The spots are licensed by DMA, so you should check with us to make sure it is available in your market.

You can present to a client by utilizing the full-screen function on our website or we can email a low-resolution copy to present on a tablet or laptop - you DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE FIRST.

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