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ReadySpots is excited to offer this new television spot for the day spa/massage industry. It is a quick image spot that promotes giving a treatment as a gift. It is designed to easily be customized with graphics for your company.

Your business is guaranteed market exclusivity for the duration of your license.

The Gift of Relaxation

This simple spot sets the mood with serene images of a woman in total relaxation. To create the mood, no voice-over is used, leaving the message to be displayed onscreen.

  • This is a fully-customized 15-second version. We provide a script that you can modify prior to adding graphics. We deliver a finished spot, ready to air. Customize it yourself and save money with the BARE version.

  • This is a 15-second BARE version that you are free to customize as you wish. We provide a script as a guideline (or starting point). You will also receive a full HD video file that contains a music track and video - you add your own graphics and voice-over.

Digital Assets

Banner ads are included at no additional cost with the spot(s). They are supplied BARE (mouse over to view) so your digital team can easily customize.

300x250 Example

728X90 Example


All you have to do is fill out a quick form: