How It Works

The process is quite simple, really


You find the spots that fit the needs
of your company.


Give us the information we need
to customize your spots.


You approve the finished spot
and we send to media outlet.

We're Ready When You Are

Once you find the spot(s) you would like to customize, then it’s time to get to work.  Naturally, we’ll need a few things from you:

  • Information – in order to customize the spot, we’ll need the information you would like to include in it. But don’t worry.  We’ll guide you along the process.  To make it easy, we’ll provide you with the script that point out the areas for customization of the voice-over.

  • Company Logo – part of the customization is the graphics, so we will need a digital copy of your company logo. This should be very large and the highest resolution possible.


Kindly complete this quick form:

Frequently asked questions

What does the fee include?

Your fee covers the cost of customization of the spot - voice-over and graphics, plus includes market-based licensing for one year. There are no additional costs for uploading the final spots to the media outlet you choose.

Can I get a custom spot made?
We are creators. So if you want something completely custom - even if it is in a category we don't currently have, we will create something for you.
How does my customized spot get to the media outlet?
These days, everything has gone digital. We have worked with hundreds of television stations and cable companies all over the U.S. and know the procedure in delivering spots. You give us the contact information and we'll take it from there. With no additional costs to you!
Can you place my media buy for me?
Not only are we creators, we are also experienced media buyers. We can work with your local media outlet (cable provider, TV station, etc) to put together an air schedule that makes sense for your business. In addition, we can negotiate rates and packages. All at no additional cost to you!
Do you offer discounts for buying more than one spot?
Some categories come with a series of spots that are meant to work in conjunction with each to present your message more completely. We have special pricing to buy all in a series, but you are also welcome to buy any spots ala carte. The reason for the discount for a package is because there is less work for our team with the graphics. That makes sense, right? With that said, should you decide later to buy more after you just bought one, we'll discount the price.
What information do you need to customize my spot?
There will be plenty of conversation when it comes to getting your spot customized, but there are really only a couple of things we need to make it happen - the information you would like to convey in your spot and your company logo.
What is the turnaround time on the spots?

Since these spots are (almost) ready, it doesn't take long to get them on the air!  Once we get the information from you, you approve the script for voice-over, then it only takes around 3-5 business days.  Sometimes less!

Can I use my own tagline?
But, of course! We can incoorporate your tagline into any of the spots.