"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

- Albert Einstein

Advertising during times like these can be challenging. It’s far from "business as usual" but you have to keep your name out there.

Introducing Dining for Charities - an Innovative new program that allows you to help local businesses, your clients and those in our community that are in need.

How It Works

Local restaurants agree to supply dining vouchers that are offered for sale to the public at a discounted price. Your business will underwrite the vouchers in order to cover costs. This amount will vary slightly, but typically will not exceed 40%. Your investment in the program provides a much needed infusion of cash to the restaurant so they can keep afloat to pay bills, wages, etc.
Through emails and social media, people will be directed to a page on our website that is sponsored by and made possible by you. They can purchase the vouchers online with instant downloading. The vouchers can be used to purchase take-out, delivery or redeemed for dining when the restaurant is back to full capacity.
For every voucher sold, 20 percent will go directly to a local food bank or other charity that is helping to feed people in our community. That means, on average, each one provides 30 meals for those in need!

Everyone Benefits!

Your Business

  • Promotion:
    A great way to get your name out there without actually advertising your product.
  • Public Relations:
    By helping so many, your clients and potential clients will see your business in a positive light.
  • Give Back:
    This is a chance to give back to the community during a volatile time in our economy.

Local Restaurants

  • Cash Infusion:
    As restaurants scramble to stay afloat, upfront money will help them survive.
  • Advertising:
    As ad budgets get cut, this is a great way for restaurants to promote themselves.
  • New Customers:
    Coupons and discount programs always attract new customers for restaurants.


  • Donations:
    At a time when they really need it, an organization will receive the funds to provide up to 3000 meals.

Your Clients

  • Money Savings:
    Your own clients are presented with this opportunity first, allowing them to save money on meals.

Your Opportunity

Investment Amount: $4,000.00

Your Investment Includes:

  • Underwriting for $10,000 worth of restaurant vouchers to be sold at half price
  • Exclusive rights to offer to your clients first
  • Professionally produced video promoting the fact that your business is making this possible (see sample)
  • Social media advertising dedicated to promoting the video and the program
  • Sponsorship and backlinks to you on our website and promotion of the program