TV Campaigns for

ReadySpots is excited to offer this new series of television spots for schools. We're starting with two very different types of campaigns. These commercials are designed to be customized with voice-over and graphics for your school.

There are 2 campaigns with 3 spots each for you to choose from, currently offered only in lengths of fifteen seconds. Your school is guaranteed market exclusivity for the duration of your license.

Dub Step Up

These quick, to the point, 15-second spots are meant to grab the attention of a younger audience.  Using still photos and graphics, they are perfect for a trade school or technical college to promote obtaining a faster degree.  With no voice-over, the music and graphics drive home the message.

Medical Field

LENGTH | :15

IT Certification

LENGTH | :15

IT Certification 2

LENGTH | :15

That's Thinking

Simple image spots telling the story from three different perspectives.  Utilizing still photos with a stylized look, they are effective in grabbing the television audience's attention.  Fully customized with professional voice-over and using your photos (and/or purchased stock images) and logo.

He was Thinking...

LENGTH | :15

She was Thinking...

LENGTH | :15

They were Thinking...

LENGTH | :15


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